“We’re getting real numbers that we can turn into real results. It is time to get past the rhetoric. This brings reality to the benefits of environmentally conscious design.” – Bill Bennett, CEO

LHB offers a full spectrum of sustainable design, engineering, and consulting services. Our passionate team of architects and engineers lead in the research, design, and evaluation of high performance environments. Our holistic approach connects process, product, and performance creating a feedback loop on which we continuously build experience and knowledge. LHB’s Performance Services enable our clients to both enhance the quality of their built environment and minimize their impact on the natural environment, with an increase in efficiencies and a reduction in operating expenses.

+  Research & Development

LHB’s Building Performance Team conducts research projects that assist our clients in identifying and meeting their sustainability goals while expanding the knowledge base on resource use in our built environment. […]
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+  Policy Development

LHB engages with clients, community partners, and local and state governments to inform policy and operations with research and best practices to promote sustainable growth. LHB co-authored Minnesota’s first sustainable design guidelines […]
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+  Sustainable Guideline Consulting

LHB’s interdisciplinary team is prepared to assist clients in understanding, evaluating and achieving third-party sustainability certification for their projects. LHB offers a full range of services to assist clients in […]
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+  Energy Modeling

LHB provides energy modeling services, from initial passive design strategies to final systems engineering, to assist our clients in economically meeting their energy and water use goals. LHB offers clients […]
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+  Design of Renewable Energy Systems

A leader in the design of renewable energy systems, LHB has a portfolio of alternative energy projects that includes wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar power. We work with our clients […]
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+  Performance Metrics™

LHB not only designs and engineers for efficiency, we measure and verify it through our Performance Metrics process which provides our clients with the knowledge that their buildings perform as […]
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+  Building Analysis

Our Building Assessment Team utilizes its knowledge of how older buildings were built and how they behave to analyze existing buildings for adaptive re-use, rehabilitation, or restoration. Understanding that each […]
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+  Retro-commissioning & Commissioning

LHB provides building commissioning and retro-commissioning services to ensure that our client’s projects are designed, built, and operating per their requirements. Commissioning services result in a higher performing building and […]
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