Research & Development

LHB’s Building Performance Team conducts research projects that assist our clients in identifying and meeting their sustainability goals while expanding the knowledge base on resource use in our built environment.

Tracking and communicating performance data is essential to promoting efficiency and sustainable change. While data can be tracked across scales, the community scale is ideal for addressing indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions and water use. Higher education campuses, neighborhoods, organizations, and building owners are typically small enough to take quick action but large enough to make a difference. In order to implement sustained change, tracking data is the first step to success and must be followed by an iterative loop of setting measurable goals, taking targeted action, and measuring the outcomes. LHB works with clients on numerous research projects across these scales.

LHB is currently collecting and analyzing total citywide energy use, water consumption, miles traveled, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions for twenty-two Minnesota cities from 2008 to 2012 through the Regional Indicators Initiative.