Who We Are

We improve communities through high-quality design.

Core values are the foundation on which an organization is built. They serve as the guiding light to improvement and opportunity. LHB has identified three core values: Quality Documents, Design Excellence, and High Performance. All staff members are expected to value and constantly reach for better understanding of how these core values can make them better in their work as we serve our clients. It is recognized that each group and staff member will utilize these core values to different levels at any given time as we seek to better serve our diverse group of clients. The belief that it is okay for groups to utilize the core values in different ways to best serve our clients makes our company stronger in the end.

Our core values at LHB are described as follows:

Quality Documents: Creating documents in our work that are accurate, clearly understood, achieve the desired result in an efficient and effective manner, and present a professional, high level of quality to the user.

Design Excellence: Fostering and incorporating a significant and proactive level of consideration for aesthetics, functionality, constructability, creativity, and cost effective materials selection into the design process that meet or exceed our client’s needs and expectations with an appropriate level of effort.

High Performance: Designing facilities in a way that conserves global resources, utilizes energy efficiently, supports the health of the users, recycles materials and waste, and specifies ecologically responsible methods, practices, and materials in the construction, maintenance and operation of those facilities.