Strategic, People-Focused Facilities

More than ever, healthcare organizations must use their facilities as a key component of business strategy. Patient-centered facilities are the hallmark of successful healthcare organizations. Evolving technologies require facilities to be flexible by design, whether they’re part of a new site or the renovation of an existing building. Attractive, staff-friendly facilities can also give you a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining top healthcare professionals and patients.

LHB recognizes the importance of working with physicians, hospital staff and administrators when designing healthcare projects. In a workshop with your user groups, staff, and facility committees, we determine all needs and build consensus for the project, then work with them to come to the best solution. This approach can minimize costly changes late in the project and ensures that all options have been considered.  Our team also contributes expertise in facility maintenance and management systems, including energy efficiency modeling, facility life cycle cost analysis, lean facilities, and preventative maintenance systems.