Arrowhead to Weston Powerline

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Arrowhead-Weston Transmission Line

Project Type: Route Design and Survey; MN and WI

Client: Power Engineers, Minnesota Power, Wisconsin Public Service, and American Transmission Company (ATC)

The $420 million, 220-mile, Arrowhead-Weston Line created by Minnesota Power, Wisconsin Public Service, and American Transmission Co. (ATC), consists of a 345 kV power line, which began in Esko, Minn., and ends in Wausau, Wis. The first phase of this project consisted of 3.5 and 8.5 mile sections located in Minnesota. LHB provided preliminary route survey, collection of all existing features, route selection, survey sections lines, plot deeds, building of the property base, establishing a line list, profiling all required permit crossings, establishing a proposed route, and the cut/blaze and location of existing utilities. The second phase of this project, which began in December of 2001, performed preliminary survey collection, and identified topographical features, visible property lines, property corners, occupational lines, section lines, range lines section corners, existing power information, roads, creeks, rivers, railroads, wetlands, and other information required along the proposed route including the preparation of easement documentation for over 1,200 private properties in nine counties within two states. LHB used aerial route reconnaissance, photogrammetry, ground investigation, GPS network information established every 2 miles along the Minnesota Power corridor, and data collection surveys. LHB performed section corner recovery, property file management, crossing surveys, easements and exhibits for acquisition, and pre-construction staking.

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