Sandstone City Hall / Fire Hall Improvements

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Project Type: City Hall/Fire Hall Improvements

Client: City of Sandstone

The Sandstone City Hall experienced poor distribution of heat; with some rooms too hot while others were too cold. LHB provided individual room control of heating and cooling to leased office spaces in the building as requested by the City through:

  • Replacing the existing hot water boilers with high-efficiency units
  • Replacing fin-tube radiators and piping to provide units properly sized for each room and three-way valves to provide individual control at each unit
  • Adding motorized dampers in existing ductwork to allow each room to control quantity of condition (cooled) air being delivered
  • Replacing HVAC control systems

The walls, ceiling and floor finishes were restored after improvements were completed.

The Sandstone Fire Hall suffered concrete masonry wall unit problems of cracking, joint failure, and paint failure as well as rusting hollow metal doors, frames, and windows. High humidity in the warmer months of the year and non-insulated walls contributed to the interior issues.
LHB prepared design documents for the fire hall improvements that included:

  • Replacing exterior windows and main doors
  • Providing exterior masonry repair and tuck-pointing
  • Replacing exterior masonry wall paint finishes
  • Adding wall furring and insulation to interior face of exterior walls in the office area
  • Adding a new makeup air system and dehumidification units for the apparatus bay
  • Adding a CO/NO2 gas detection system for the apparatus bay
  • Adding a condensing unit to the existing forced air furnace serving the office portion of the building
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