What We Do

“At LHB, functionality is a deeply held part of beauty. We always combine our aesthetics with utility. We lead in the field of design by using our experience to create designs that perform elegantly in the world for the people who use them every day.” – Bruce Cornwall, Project Principal

+  Architecture & Interior Design

When leading edge design is combined with practicality and a native understanding of how it will be implemented, projects become real, satisfying, and beautiful. LHB’s architects and interior designers blend […]
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+  Engineering & Surveying

From large, strategic projects to issues that demand immediate attention, having a multi-disciplinary team available gives you access to timely answers and a depth of knowledge. LHB can efficiently respond […]
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+  Landscape Architecture & Planning

From city-wide park plans to planting a wetland edge, LHB’s Landscape Architecture and Planning Group collaborates with clients to create vibrant spaces that engage the people who use them. We […]
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+  Research & Performance

“We’re getting real numbers that we can turn into real results. It is time to get past the rhetoric. This brings reality to the benefits of environmentally conscious design.” – […]
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