LHB offers extensive experience working with historic and existing buildings and environments. From this experience we have developed a deep understanding in how historic buildings were built, how they behave, and what they require to continue being useful and beautiful parts of our everyday lives for many years to come. Understanding that each building is unique and must be individually assessed, based on its original construction as well as understanding patterns of wear and deterioration, serves as a guiding principal of our work. Our in-house assessment team skilled in historic preservation will bring their passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to your project.

Additionally, we consult on larger projects where expertise in historic preservation is required. Our team understands the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Structures and has worked with agencies like the Minnesota State Historic Society and the State Historic Preservation Office to interpret these guidelines. We know the intricacies of Minnesota Legacy Grants, providing services on dozens of projects funded in this manner. The ability to be involved in projects from the beginning of the historical research process allows for a greater understanding of the building, the needs of the client, and the regulatory requirements involved with each unique project.

Our team uses the following historic preservation tools to assist you:

Condition Assessment Reports

  • Document the condition of building materials, elements, and systems
  • Identify causes of deterioration
  • Provide prioritized recommendations for necessary preservation and repair work as well as advising on improvements to accessibility and building code

Historic Structure Reports

  • Determine the evolution of the building over time
  • Develop innovative ways to graphically present that information
  • Identify the origin of the surviving historic fabric
  • Provide recommendations for preservation and repair work

Comprehensive Design Documents

  • Deliver design drawings and details that meet preservation standards
  • Generate cost estimates
  • Provide restoration specifications