Landscape Architecture & Planning

From city-wide park plans to planting a wetland edge, LHB’s Landscape Architecture and Planning Group collaborates with clients to create vibrant spaces that engage the people who use them. We provide a broad range of services for a wide variety of project types. Our extensive group of clients includes large municipal and governmental entities, developers and private industry, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals.  By working on such diverse projects, we expand the range of possible solutions we bring to each project.

Working with us, you’ll find that we excel at solving problems with you. Our design solutions are the natural result of a process that includes understanding issues and exploring possibilities, refinement of ideas, and execution of the result. By communicating effectively, both verbally and graphically, we build strong relationships that are the basis for an integrated and excellent design process.  In the end, our attention to detail and commitment to quality design results in remarkable and vibrant landscapes of every type.

For more information on our landscape architecture and planning services, please contact Lydia Major, Landscape Architecture and Planning Studio Leader, at or 612.752.6956.

+  Master Planning & Analysis

Within our master planning projects, we emphasize a community-based design approach, sustainable design commitment, and sensitive planning philosophy. Our master planning projects include conservation residential development, large-scale land planning, community […]
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+  Urban Design

Our approach to urban design spans a variety of scales and complexities. We help communities with large corridor studies, community redevelopment plans, design frameworks, streetscape design, and pedestrian amenities. We […]
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+  Parks & Trails

Our park and trail designs include master planning, individual park design, and trail design. We practice the art of placemaking with park departments and communities to create lasting places for […]
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+  Site Design

Vibrant sites are the result of a series of synergies during the design and construction process: between the designer and the owner, between the use and the context, between the […]
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+  Streetscaping & Transportation

Transportation is a critical component of our nation’s infrastructure.  It connects the people with each other, with the country, and the world.  Good roads and bridges are crucial components of […]
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