Transportation is a critical component of our nation’s infrastructure.  It connects the people with each other, with the country, and the world.  Good roads and bridges are crucial components of the national transportation system.  At LHB, we not only have the technical capabilities and experience planning and designing surface transportation projects, we know how to work with communities to use infrastructure projects to foster economic development, enhance the environment, and promote social well-being.

We are proponents of Complete Streets and Context Sensitive Solutions; our engineers and landscape architects work together to generate solutions that fit harmoniously within the environment and the communities they serve.  Our work includes not only bridges, highways, streets, and trails but also buildings, such as maintenance and transit structures, associated with the operations of transportation systems.  The facilities we design are frequently multi-modal, handling vehicular, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians efficiently and economically.  We work with the community to ensure regulatory approvals, funding, and acceptance of the proposed project.  Let our knowledge and experience assist your community in developing a practical transportation network appropriate to its needs and aspirations.