Performance Metrics™

LHB not only designs and engineers for efficient resource use and occupant well-being, we measure and verify outcomes through our Performance Metrics process which provides our clients with the knowledge that their buildings perform as designed. LHB’s Research Studio provides resources for setting goals, predicting outcomes, and tracking actual performance.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Post-occupancy evaluations (POE) use occupant feedback to systematically assess indoor environmental quality (IEQ) factors that impact occupant satisfaction, health, and productivity.

This feedback can be combined with quantitative data on building system performance to drive design and operational improvements.

After occupants complete an online survey, the building representative will receive a report that describes the survey methodology, presents the findings and makes recommendations.

Results illustrate the value of the space to occupant well-being, highlight aspects of the indoor environment that can be improved, and inform future design and operational decisions.

LHB Thrive

Thrive is a framework created by LHB to track the level of sustainability on our projects in the categories of climate, wellness, water, resources, ecology, prosperity, and community.

Our project teams use Thrive to initiate a sustainability discussion, set goals, track progress, and record results.

The seven categories relate to LHB’s priorities of designing to enhance human and ecological wellness. Each category has five outcomes, on a scale that re-establishes sustainability as neutral. Regarding natural resources, “sustainable” describes a project that operates within the available carrying capacity of the earth while “restorative” means restoring carrying capacity that has been lost. On the far end of the scale, “regenerative” projects are designed to further strengthen the eco-system.

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